Ahmadis dragged to police for using Islamic epithets (Sialkot)

Pero Chak, District Sialkot; February 2022: Muhammad Bilal wrote to the Deputy Commissioner against six Ahmadis, namely Messrs. Yaqoob Dogar, Maqsood Dogar, Abdul Khaliq Dogar,  Abdul Salam Dogar, Jameel Ahmed Dogar and Ghulam Hai-ud-Din. He accused them of writing Islamic rites, Quranic verses, Kalima and Durood Sharif on their homes and shops. He wrote that being non-Muslims, Ahmadis pretended to be Muslim and used Islamic inscriptions; this hurt religious sentiments of Muslims. This a crime under the Constitution and the law, and according to the decision of the Supreme Court, this use of Islamic epithets is blasphemy (sic). The applicant demanded action against Ahmadis.

The bigot forgot that these inscriptions are a part of the Ahmadi faith, and the Constitution grants freedom of faith to all citizens.

The parties were then summoned to the police station where Ahmadis stated their position on the issue. The police conveyed that they will decide the follow-up.