Chiniot; February 26-27:  The 60th Fateh Mubahila Conference was held on 26-27 February 2022 in Chiniot. Mulla Abdul Ghafur (General Secretary International Khatme Nabuwwat Movement Sindh), Mulla Zahid Al-Rashidi of Gujranwala, Qari Ahmad Ali Nadeem (President Khatme Nabuwwat Pakistan), Syed Kafeel Shah Bukhari of Multan, Mulla Shahid Imran Arafi of Sahiwal, Mufti Tahir Masood of Sargodha, Mulla Ilyas Chinioti MPA and some other politicians including Hafiz Ammar Yasir (Minister for Minerals, Punjab), Capt. (R) Safdar (PML-N, son-in-law of Mr. Nawaz Sharif), Ikhtiar Wali Khan (MPA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), Bilal Tariq Tarar (MPA, Lahore) and Ghulam Muhammad Lali (MNA) participated.

Capt. Safdar (PML-N) son-in-law of Mr Nawaz Sharif

During the conference, the mullas stated that Qadianis who have strayed from Islam are invited to Islam by believing in the finality of prophethood and thus become entitled to the pool of Kausar on doomsday. Pakistan’s nuclear assets are not safe without removing the Qadianis from key posts. The silence of human rights organizations on the violation of basic human rights by Qadianis in Chenab Nagar is beyond comprehension. The intent to take control of any religious seminary in the country, including Islamabad, will not be allowed to succeed under any circumstances, they asserted.

 On this occasion, they approved the following resolutions:

  • This Ijtema (conference) pays homage to the male and female members of provincial assemblies from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab who have included the affidavit of Khatme Nabuwwat in the marriage form.
  • This Ijtema demands column of religion in the identity card.
  • This Ijtema demands from the Punjab government that a third party audit of the so-called Qadiani welfare organizations be carried out and the 1034 kanals of land purchased by Qadianis in Chenab Nagar be demarcated.
  • This Ijtema declares that insulting of the Prophets, Companions, Ahle Bait and other holy persons, by Qadianis and the non-religious on social media be treated as terrorism. Legal action should be taken against them.
  • This Ijtema pays tribute on behalf of the entire Muslim Ummah to Afghan Taliban for liberation of their homeland from the infidel powers and the establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan after 20 years of struggle.
  • This Ijtema salutes the courageous Muslim daughter of India, Muskan Khan, for taking the bold step of raising the slogan Takbir to save her hijab (veil) and thus challenging extremist Hindus.
  • This Ijtema calls on all institutions to work for the welfare of the people by finding a political solution to the ongoing political conflict in the country.
  • This Ijtema demands the government to control the rising prices of petrol, electricity, gas and other commodities in the country.

This Ijtema pays tribute to the professional sacrifices of the armed forces and agencies in fighting the incursions at country’s borders and the internal interference.