Mianwali; July 24, 2021:   A qualified government servant, Mr. Shaukat Hayyat Majoka, an Ahmadi, was appointed Chief Officer of the Municipal Committee, Mianwali. At this, Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam (JUI), Mianwali spearheaded a malicious campaign, which demanded that the appointment was unacceptable and asserted that it would create a law and order situation. The local chapter of the ruling party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), also supported this move against the said Ahmadi official calling him a blasphemer and disloyal. The District President of PTI Women Wing and Member Bait ul Maal, Punjab approached the Parliamentary Secretary of Local Governments and Community Development with a demand to get the order of appointment of Ahmadi official cancelled. He issued the orders as proposed.

The President of Women Wing of PTI has applauded the action of Parliamentary Secretary by calling him ‘a true lover of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)’ and thanked him for ‘removing a blasphemer from an important government position’.

The ‘important government position’ is nothing but a manager of a sub-division committee. It is safe to say that there are hundreds of such posts in the Punjab. However they became ‘important’ to the JUI and PTI when an Ahmadi was to be posted. These are the people who rejoice and applaud when a Muslim gets appointed mayor of London.

          We provide below English translation of JUI’s ‘Statement of condemnation’ on their letterhead pad (See the original letter in Annex IV) and the translation of newsreport in the daily Ausaf of July 28, 2021:

Statement of condemnation

It has come to our knowledge through reliable sources that a known Qadiani Shaukat Hayyat Majoka has been appointed as Tehsil Chief Officer of district Mianwali through notice Nr. Lcs (ADMN) 1 (309)/99.

This act is unbearable and cause of agitation among the Muslims of Pakistan and specially citizens of Mianwali. It is known from his record that he uses his powers and influence to propagate Qadianiat, and oppose Islam. He was transferred from MC Chakwal and MC Fatah Jang due to his unethical and unconstitutional activities. The appointment of this kind of person in Mianwali is unbearable.

All religious, political and public sections of Mianwali are urged to understand the sensitivity of the matter and help cancel this appointment. The district authorities should realize that peace and religious harmony in the district is exemplary, and this decision may threaten this pleasant environment. Therefore, for the religious honor, the honor of The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and to maintain the law and order this appointment should be reconsidered immediately and a law-abiding and a patriot of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan should be appointed here.


Faqeer Abu Alsaad Khalil Ahmad Ufi Anho

Sajada Nasheen Khanqah Sirajia Naqshbandia Mujadadia Kundian district Mianwali

Head incharge Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam Pakistan

24 July 2021

            The Punjab Government found it convenient to accept such baseless charges against one of its dutiful officials and cancelled its orders. Also, noteworthy is a statement of a political senior of the ruling party, published in a vernacular rag:

Appointment of Qadiani officer on important positions is worrisome: Ammara Niazi

Ahmad Khan Bhachar is kind enough to get the appointment orders of a Qadiani officer in Municipal Committee, Mianwali cancelled.

Ahmad Khan Bhachar, Parliamentary Secretary of Local Governments and Community Development has extended a great favor to the people of Mianwali by getting the appointment orders of a Qadiani as Chief Officer of Municipal Committee, Mianwali cancelled. Through his strategy and proving himself a true lover of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) he has successfully secured the threatened law and order situation of the district. Ms. Ammara Niazi the District President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Women Wing, Mianwali and Member Bait ul Maal, Punjab expressed her views while addressing the media. She said that appointment of such (Qadiani) persons on important positions is worrisome and no one from Mianwali would allow the appointment of such a dubious person, a non-believer in End of Prophethood and blasphemer on any post in Mianwali. She added that she is thankful to all religious, political, civil society and journalists’ organizations who protested against the appointment of Qadiani officer in Mianwali. Ahmad Khan Bhachar also took notice of this protest and got the orders of appointment cancelled, and saved the law and order situation of the district. (The daily Ausaf, Lahore; July 28, 2021)

            A simple question to these office-bearers of JUI and PTI: How would you feel if in a similar situation in India, office-bearers of Vishva Hindu Parishad and BJP made similar statements about a Muslim official to deny him the post of chief officer of the muncipality of Azamgarh in Utter Pardesh, and obtained similar results?