District Gujrat; September 2, 2023: It was reported earlier that on August 29, 2023, the police, on behest of TLP activists, blackened the pious inscriptions at Ahmadiyya mosques of Chooknawali and Shadiwal, District Gujrat.

On September 2, 2023, Ahmadis were told by the authorities to come to the DCO office. Along with DCO and DPO, members of District Pace Committee were also present. DCO told the delegation that four complaints were filed against Ahmadiyya mosque in their respective police stations. These four places included Shadiwal, Chookanawali, Aalam Garh and Fateh Pur.  He told them to deal with these objections with mutual consent. One of the members of Peace Committee said that they have no objection to any activity in the premises of Ahmadiyya mosques. The Ahmadiyya delegation replied that they had objection to the blackening of the pious inscriptions by the police. The DCO replied that the police had not undertaken any such activity and Ahmadis had done it. He further told Ahmadis to do the same at all other locations and said that the police would be there only to provide security. The Ahmadis made it clear that police committed this atrocity and Ahmadis were not involved in any such activity nor they will undertake such action. The DCO responded that Ahmadis would have to do this, as his job is only to maintain peace in the district. The meeting concluded without any agreement.

Later that night, the police destroyed the inscriptions from the Ahmadiyya mosque in Shadiwal, which were blackened earlier by them in August.