Chak Number 183 Murad, District Bahawalpur; September 13, 2023: TLP activist had filed a complaint with the police in Hasilpur police station against the minarets of Ahmadiyya mosque here. The situation was made tense for over a month. The AC and SHO visited the mosque and the AC called for Ahmadiyya delegation to Hasilpur. He told them to demolish the minarets but the delegation refused to follow these unlawful instructions. The AC and SHO kept on pressurizing Ahmadis to demolish the minarets or cover them up.

On September 13, 2023, the DSP called for the Ahmadiyya delegation and told them to demolish the minarets. The Ahmadis again refused to comply. Some three to four policemen from Choonawala police check-post came to the Ahmadiyya mosque, entered the premises, switched off the lights and security cameras and closed the roads for any traffic. Meanwhile, two non-Ahmadis climbed to the roof of Ahmadiyya mosque and demolished the minarets in the presence of the police.