Chak 5/1-R Rinala Khurd, District Okara; August 06, 2023:

Mr Basharat Ahmad, Mr Ayaz Nasir along with two unnamed persons, were booked on August 06, 2023, in a fabricated case of preaching Ahmadiyyat under Section 298-C with FIR Nr. 711 at P.S. City Renala Khurd. Police arrested Mr Basharat Ahmad on the same day and was sent to jail on judicial remand.
One Muhammad Asif was a friend of Shahzad Sohail, Ahmadi of Germany, a brother of the victim Mr Basharat. Mr Sohail lent € 30,000 to Mr Asif on his request for business investment. Later, Mr Asif refused to return the loan, on which Mr Sohail registered his complaint via the Pakistan Citizen Portal. Reacting to the complaint, Asif got this fabricated FIR registered through an intermediary Muhammad Ejaz as the complainant.