Golarchi, District Badin; July 2021: Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP) sent for five local Ahmadis on July 9, 2021. He told them to remove the sacred inscriptions from their houses because mullas Muhammad Ali Siddique, Muhammad Ashiq Golarchi, and others visited him and demanded to restrain Qadianis from using sacred inscriptions.

The DSP told the Ahmadis to remove or cover up the inscriptions so that he could pacify the mulla. Ahmadis covered up the inscriptions with some stickers.

The next day the mullas took pictures of the site and told the DSP that “We don’t want the inscriptions to be covered up; we want them to be removed completely”. Ahmadis told the police that they would not do that, but would not interfere if the police itself came in uniform to do that. 

The police came on 18 July at 3 o’clock. They removed the Kalima from an Ahmadi-owned house and left. Mullas again approached them to remove the inscriptions covered with stickers. Two policemen came and told them that the inscriptions were not visible, but the mullas insisted on removal. The policemen tried to tear down the inscriptions but did not succeed. The mullas then provided them cement to cover up the holy inscriptions, which they did. Thereafter, the mullas celebrated the event and greeted each other; however the neighborhood did not generally approve of this sacrilege, felt unhappy and damned the mullas.