An ultimatum to authorities over Ahmadiyya mosque

Bhabra, Tatta Paani, District Kotli AJK; November, 2023: A few days ago, local TLP leader, Malik Zaheer led a rally in the main market of Tatta Paani. Afterwards, in a press conference, he gave an ultimatum to authorities to destroy the minarets and niche of the Ahmadiya mosque in Bhabra by December 16. Threatening the authorities, the extremists said that Muslims are with them. They added that more people than those who gathered on 12 Rabbi ul Awwal would move to Bhabra, in case the authorities fail to meet their demand. They said that the authorities would be responsible for any unpleasant incident, if they did not take action as demanded.

The authorities have formed a peace committee under the supervision of the Mufti of the District to deal with the situation.