The Police removed the Kalima (The Islamic Creed) from the Ahmadiyya Worship Place Thatta Joyia, district Faisalabad on 04th January, 2024.

According to the details policemen arrived at the Place of worship on 04th January, 2024 along with the SHO at around 4 in the evening. There were some persons accompanying them in civil dress and he had a bucket of distemper with them. The Policemen entered the Worship Place and they pointed out to the place where the Kalima was written. The Police was insisted upon the fact in going to the inside area of the Worship Place, but they were stopped from going there. The distemper was applied on the Kalima while climbing up the roof, and the remaining part was removed through scratching.

Similarly there were Islamic Wordings of “MashAllah” written outside the home of the local Community President of Thatta Joyia. They removed it as well, along with removing the wordings of بسم اللہas well.

The Police ordered the Ahmadis to go to the combine cemetery, so that the Ahmadiyya graves could be identified and the Islamic wordings could be removed, but the Ahmadis refused to go with them. The light had faded drastically during all this and it had become extremely dark upon which the Policemen did not go to the graveyard and they left the place.