Sacred inscriptions removed from Ahmadis’ houses in Gujranwala

Rahwali Cantt, District Gujranwala; February 22, 2021:  Mr. Saghir Ahmad Cheema, Security in-charge from Rahwali Cantt police station visited three Ahmadi families living in Rahwali and told them that Mashaallah was written outside their houses. Fifty people have come to the police station and filed a petition against these, so they should take these off themselves. He was told that they would not do that and would not allow any civilian to do so. Mr. Maqsood Ahmad Bajwa and Mr. Ghazanfar Malik’s families conveyed this to them.

However, when they went to Mr. Ghulam Bari’s house; only his wife was present in the house at that time. The police told her that about fifty people intended to surge at her home but the police had stopped them; so she should take down the Mashaallah. The Ahmadi woman stated that there was no man at home, and she could not do it alone. At this a man offered that he could do this; so he brought a ladder and a hammer and broke down the word Mashaallah.

The next day the Ahmadiyya delegation met the SHO Amir Shehzad. The SHO police told the security in-charge to act as per the SOPs.

On February 25, the police went to Ahmadis’ houses to break the inscriptions. There the Security in-charge told a fellow policeman to break them, but he refused to comply. He then sent for a mason who broke down the tiles. Similarly, they unashamedly broke the word Haji written on the name plate outside Maqsood Bajwa’s house and went back. All this was unlawful as the law does not specifically deny Ahmadis these inscriptions.