Ahmadis’ business at risk

Raja Jang, District Kasur; February 2021:  Mr. Sajid Ahmad and Mr. Mubarak Ahmad, two Ahmadi brothers, live in Raja Jang, District Kasur. They have auto-electrician and auto mechanic shops in Raiwind city. They have been working there for about fifteen years. In the beginning, there was no opposition but now they are facing opposition from some shopkeepers. When someone visits their shops for work, these shopkeepers tell them to not do business with them as they are ‘Qadianis’.

Mr. Sajid Ahmad and his brother used to buy spare parts from a shop at Bilal Ganj Market, Lahore. The trade was going on since long, and the business was doing well. A few days ago, the opponents told this shopkeeper that they were Qadianis and doing business with them is illicit (haram). The shopkeeper stopped doing business with Ahmadis and became hostile.

Ahmadis are now told by the opponents that they have gone astray, and need to be explained their errors.

Ahmadi brothers have been asked to exercise caution and refrain from any kind of religious debate.