Malik Ijaz Ahmad
son of Malik Yaqoob Ahmad, Karachi
Martyred on September 4, 2013

36-year-old Factory worker shot dead on the way to work on 4th September 2013. 

Malik Ijaz Ahmad Sahib, son of Malik Yaqoob Ahmad Sahib was martyred on the 4th of September in Karachi leaving behind a 90-year-old father, a wife Rashida Ijaz Sahiba, a daughter named Mah-Noor Ijaz aged 12, and two sons: Jawad Ahmad aged 10 and Manzoor Ijaz aged 8. 

On what seemed to a normal day-to-day morning, Malik Ijaz Ahmad was on the way to work on his motorcycle when two unknown assailants came beside him and shot him at gunpoint at around 10:45 am. He passed away there and then.  

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) mentioned in his Friday sermon on  6th September 2013,

“The deceased was a very sincere and loving Ahmadi; he would meet everyone with a smile on his face. He was extremely compassionate not only towards his own children but towards all children. He was completely obedient to the nizam, whenever some Jamaat related work would arise, he would do it willingly and happily. Many a time, he had the desire of having the blessing of being a martyr of faith.” 

(Friday Sermon,  6th September 2013)