Zahoor Ahmad Kiyani, Lahore
Martyred on August 21, 2013

Zahoor Ahmad Kayani was martyred in Orangi Town, Karachi on the 21st of August.

This incident happened as follows. Zahoor Sahib went to see his car that was at some distance from his house. It had just been returned after being repaired. When he came out for this purpose his neighbor Noorul Haq Sahib also came out. This was around 11:15 AM. When they were coming back after seeing the car two motorcycle riders came and one got off and started firing on Zahoor Sahib. As this was happening Noorul Haq Sahib tried to intervene and at this point the other motorcycle rider started firing upon Noorul Haq Sahib also and then they ran away. When Zahoor Sahib’s daughter heard the firing she saw that two motor cyclists were going away and she threw her cup of tea that she was drinking at the time on them. These people also then fired at her. Luckliy she was unhurt but Zahoor Sahib was martyred at the scene.

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) mentioned in his Friday sermon on 23rd August 2013,

“ He was 47 years old. Inna lil-lahay wa inna elaihay rajayoon. Noorul Haq Sahib, his non-Ahmadi neighbor also was martyred. May Allah have mercy and forgiveness on him also.

Ahmadiyyat came into Kayani Sahib’s family through his father’s younger brother Yusuf Kayani Sahib and Muhammad Saeed Sahib Kayani. Both were blessed to do bai’at in 1936. Both were learned men and both entered into bai’at after studying the literature. Then after this, the father of Zahoor Kayani Sahib and three other uncles also entered Ahmadiyyat. The family was connected to Premkot, Kashmir.

Zahoor Sahib was born in 1966 and moved to Karachi in 1976. There he was educated to B.A. and took up employment in the Federal Board of Revenue. Up till his martyrdom he was employed in the anti smuggling unit as clerk or deputy clerk.

He was very cooperative with his Majlis, very friendly and from among those of the highest rank in financial sacrifices. He was a gracious host and distinguished in this. He would never let a guest go from his home without attending to them as a gracious host.

He would be respectful of every Jama’at official and never give anyone an opportunity or reason to complain. He was a moosi and had a passion for tabligh and was blessed to have had a person accept Ahmadiyyat through his efforts in 2009.

A large group joined in his funeral from his office and everyone praised his high morals and habits. One of his colleagues who remained with his body said, while crying continuously, that Zahoor Sahib was a very loving man and always inclined towards bringing about accord and reconciliation.

This colleague said that when they would get angry during the course of their work he would always counsel patience. His officers said that Zahoor Ahmad was a courageous officer willing to lay down his life for the cause, who would win over everyone with his personality in a short period. Today we have been deprived of a good colleague.

His father in law, Bashir Kayani Sahib said that Zahoor Sahib would help every relative of his. He was well off financially so that whenever anyone in the family was in need he would be the one who would offer his help. Even outside of the family no one in need would go empty handed from his doorsteps.

His treatment of the children was also full of love. He would take care of the needs of the children fully and he was always preoccupied regarding their education. He would take very great care of their affairs. His wife said that Allah had bestowed such a good heart upon him that perhaps it was for this martyrdom that he had been blessed with such a good heart. He would never reprimand the children. She says that just before being martyred he asked that his shoes be cleaned, as he was just coming back. He then smiled and went out.

She says that after the attack when she came outside and saw him he looked at me and the children with a smile despite his condition as if he was saying his farewell and then he delivered himself to his Creator.

He himself would not say anything to the children but when my Khutba would go from here via MTA he would insist that they listen to it and would let his unhappiness be known if this was not done. He was very strict with this. He had a very special relationship of love and affection with his daughters.

Among his surviving family are his wife Tahira Zahoor Kayani Sahiba and three sons and four daughters. Imran Kayani, 20 years of age. Kamran Kayani 14 years of age. And Sarfraz three years old. Noorus Saba, 16 years; Noorul Ain, 14 years; Attyatul Mujeeb, 7 years and Faiqa Zahoor, 5 years.

May Allah, the Exalted, raise the station of the deceased and keep his children and his wife in His care and protection and enable to bear the sad loss with steadfastness.

(Friday sermon of 23rd August 2013)