Syed Tahir Ahmad
son of Dr Syed Manzoor Ahmad, Karachi
Martyred on August 31, 2013

Man dressed in a hospital robe guns down 55-year-old Doctor 31st of August 2013.

Doctor Syed Tahir Ahmad , son of Doctor Syed Manzoor Ahmad of Karachi was martyred on the 31st of August 2013. The deceased had a wife named Syeda Tahira Tahir, three sons: Rizwaan Tahir, Farhan Tahir and Mujtaba Tahir, and two daughters: Saboohi Usman and Rabab Tahira.  

Syed Tahir Ahmad was in his clinic checking his patients when a man accompanied by three others was dressed in a patient robe opened firing upon the doctor. Seeing four assailants flee the scene, the victims neighbour came to find Syed Tahir Ahmad on the floor drenched in blood. He passed away on the way to the hospital.  

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba) mentioned in his Friday sermon on  6th September 2013,

“At the time of his passing, Syed Tahir Ahmad was serving as the local Dawat-e-illallah secretary. Before this, he served in many other departments. He was very pure natured. He was always seen to be smiling and was a respectable figure in vast circle of people. If anyone ever acted unreasonably towards him, he would always be forgiving.  

Syed Tahir Ahmad was a very successful doctor. It happened an many occasions that he came home after a long day at work when someone would knock at his door at seek his help, he would then help to cure the person straight away.”

(Friday Sermon,  6th September 2013)