One more Ahmadi target-killed in KPK in the recent series of such murders

Peshawar; November 8, 2020:

Yet another Ahmadi was murdered for his faith, in Peshawar. This time it was Mr. Mehboob Khan. He was 82.

Mr Mehboob Khan, aged 82

Mr. Khan, a retired government official was on his way back home after visiting his daughter when an unidentified man shot him at close range at the bus stop. He died instantly. He left behind a widow, two daughters and two sons.

This series of murder in Peshawar shows a clear insensitivity, even instigation, of some high echelons in the province to this dreadful crime.

Ahmadis in Peshawar are finding it problematic to come out of their homes for work, shopping, education etc.

There is a need for the KPK government to take effective steps to put a stop to the ongoing anti-Ahmadi drive. It is doable — easy. Leaders of this murder syndicate provided their phone numbers in their threats on social media.

Remedial effective action should be taken earliest, as these incidents in Peshawar bring bad name to KPK and Pakistan.