Bhulair, District Kasur; June 4-5, 2023: Twelve Ahmadis were booked under FIR Nr. 588 under PPCs 324, 149, and 148 in Police Station Phool Nagar, District Kasur. In this case, Mr. Waqas Ahmad, Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad, Mr. Mahmood Ahmad, Mr. Maqsood Ahmad, Mr. Ansar Shahzad, Mr. Amar Ahmad, Mr. Daud Ahmad, Mr. Muhammad Irfan, Mr. Yasir Ahmad, Mr. Liaqat Ali, Mr. Faryad Ahmad and Mr. Shahzad Ahmad were named. The police detained Messrs Waqas Ahmad, Ashfaq Ahmad, Maqsud Ahmad, Muhammad Irfan and Yassar Ahmad out of the named accused and Messrs Muhammad Shafiq, Muhammad Safyan and Danyal Ahmad from the unnamed list. On subsequent investigation, all were released expect one, Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad.

There are 9 — 10 Ahmadi families in Bhulair. In the recent past, there has been a significant increase in hostile activities against them. Their religious opponents have been systematically creating an hostile atmosphere by making baseless accusations against the Ahmadis, persecuting and prosecuting them. Ahmadis have resisted in self-defence. TLP mullas have taken the lead in this confrontation.

There occurred a personal dispute between a TLP mulla Abdul Rauf and an Ahmadi youth on December 7, 2022. The TLP gave the incident religious color, met the police authorities, and demanded demolition of the Ahmadiyya mosque. They declared a complete boycott of Ahmadis and demanded the exile of Ahmadis from the village. Later, on December 17, 2022, police registered a case against 11 Ahmadis. The accused Ahmadis in this case are on bail, however seven of these have now been re-nominated in this case.

On June 3, 2023, Mr. Waqas Ahmad, Ahmadi, was on way to visit his relatives when armed miscreants intercepted and detained him. They tortured him as well. When his family and friends came to know, they immediately reached the spot to help him. Mr. Waqas managed to escape. Ahmadis went to the police station to complain. Instead of legal and moral support, the police took the Ahmadis into custody and registered the above-mentioned FIR.

A delegation of local senior Ahmadis met senior police officers and informed them of the negative activities of the opponents and the actual situation.  They were good enough to order the release of the guiltless detainees, except one, Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad.

The incident shows that the TLP mullas have made life very difficult for Ahmadis, and it is not easy for the victims to live in dignity as peaceful citizens.