Chak TDA/185, District Bhakkar; May 07, 2023: Three Ahmadis, Mr. Zubair Ahmad, Mr. Tahir Ahmad and Mr. Mubasher Ahmad, were booked under PPCs 341, 34, 298, 337V, 506, at Police Station Sadar Bhakkar with FIR no. 479 and were arrested.

Mr. Zubair Ahmed has a mobile shop. The plaintiff had a financial dispute with him. He filed an application that he had a financial dispute with the said three persons; this led to a a fistfight. He alleged that during the fight, the persons named in the case grabbed his beard and dragged him, thereby the Prophet’s Sunnah was insulted, and since the accused are Qadianis, a blasphemy case should be registered against them. The SHO registered a case under section 298, apart from other sections. He took the accused into custody, and remanded them. After the registration of the case, clerics, political leaders and some lawyers organized a press conference and campaigned on social media, demanding the administration to add a higher blasphemy clause. Otherwise, they threatened to protest. Given the hostile situation and hostile reaction from the lawyers, these accused were not presented in the court for bail on May 8, 2023. They will be presented in court after the situation improves somewhat, the police said.