Kotli, AJK; January 2024: One Sakhawat Hussain approached the police and got an FIR registered under the anti-Ahmadi law PPC-298-C against Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad, Ahmadi, in FIR Nr. 1/24 in P.S. Kotli on January 1, 2024. PPC 298-C provides a penalty of three-year imprisonment.

Mr. Sakhawat Hussain’s son, Mr. Sajid Mahmood is married to the daughter of the accused Ahmadi. Mr. Sajid Mahmood embraced Ahmadiyyat in year 2010. He was a soldier in the Army. His ‘conversion’ met great opposition from his father. This compelled him to migrate abroad with his family.

Mr. Hussain put the blame on Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad; it was his preaching that persuaded his son to convert, he said, and got the police case registered. Mr. Ahmad requested ‘bail before arrest’, which was granted. However, for the confirmation of the bail, he had to appear in a sessions court. The judge refused to confirm his bail, and the police arrested Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad.