Basti Allah Dad, District Rajanpur; May 12, 2023:  A false police case was registered against six Ahmadi seniors allegedly for preaching Ahmadiyyat in a local Ahmadiyya school under sections 295-B, 295-A, 298-A, 298-B, 298-C and 506 on July 23, 2020 at Police Station Rajanpur City.

Three of the accused were arrested and later acquitted from court but could not return to their hometown due to hostile situation.  Five Ahmadis out of six accused had to leave the country to live in some peace.

Thereafter, the police registered another police case and arrested two Ahmadis Mr. Muhammad Anwar and Mr. Zafarullah with FIR No. 438  under section 216 of Pakistan Penal Code, 1860 for allegedly providing protection and helping their accused relatives to flee abroad, in the police station City Rajanpur on May 12, 2023. The police case is a fabrication. 

The court accepted their plea of post-arrest bail on May 13, 2023.