Chak 261 R.B. Udhwali, District Faisalabad; July 25, 2021:   Opposition to Ahmadis has worsened here over time. The police accompanied by officials of the local council, last month desecrated the Ahmadiyya mosque and demolished its minarets. They erected a wall in front of the niche to conceal it. They destroyed sacred inscriptions from four Ahmadis’ houses, as well.

On July 25, around 7 pm, dozens of opponents came outside the house of Mr. Rafiq Ahmad, president of the local Ahmadiyya community, shouted anti-Ahmadi slogans, hit the gate with rods, fired shots, and challenged the residents to come out. Mr. Rafiq Ahmad’s son Naveed Ahmad came out and fired a few shot in the air to disperse the crowd.

Meanwhile, one of the opponents got hit; it is not clear who is responsible for injuring him. Luckily, the injury was not grave; he is reportedly recovering.

The police registered a case against six Ahmadis, namely Naveed Ahmad, Rafiq Ahmad, Naseer Ahmad, Sanaullah, Niaz Hussain and Ali Hussain under Sections 149,148,324 of PPC and 7-ATA on the complaint of Muhammad Waseem, brother of the injured attacker. Muhammad Amin, a non-Ahmadi friend, although not named in the FIR, was also detained for his cooperation with Ahmadis. Naveed Ahmad was detained in Samanabad police station while the other four Ahmadis were detained in Factory Area Police Station, Faisalabad.

The whole incident was pre-planned, so that Mr. Naveed Ahmad could be arrested as he refused to be cowed down by religious bullies. In view of the hostile situation there, Ahmadis had to move out to other places. Police carried out raids on Ahmadis’ houses.

Ahmadis have complained to higher officials that a mid-level police officer is hostile to them and is carrying out operations against Ahmadis, in league with TLP activists.

Ahmadis have represented to the police that as the opponents attacked their houses, harassed them and initiated the violence, legal action should be taken against them. It is to be seen if the Faisalabad Police can act fairly and provide security to the threatened minority.