Kotli, AJK; November 24, 2023: Some time ago, the opponents demanded the removal of minarets, niche, and Quranic verses in the local Ahmadiyya mosque and took out a procession. The administration sent for the Ahmadiyya delegation. Ahmadis told the administration that they could never do it themselves and that most of the Ahmadiyya mosques had been constructed before Ordinance XX. Meanwhile, religious clerics also met the administration and kept putting pressure.

A petition was also filed by the opponents against the Duliyan Jattan mosque and demanded the removal of the niche, around which a wall was built to cover it. Now, on November 24, 2023, about 50 miscreants attacked the mosque. No Ahmadi was present there at that time. Some of the attackers went to the roof, others entered inside. They demolished the minarets and damaged the niche. Before the Ahmadis arrived, the miscreants escaped from the site. The police came and visited the spot. This mosque was built in 1954. In 1994 too, the locals attacked and damaged the minarets.