District Sheikhupura; September 14, 2023: On September 14, 2023, the TLP activists partially destroyed the minaret of Ahmadiyya Darul Zikar in Narang Mandi, District Sheikhupura, in the presence of the police. Meanwhile, after conversation with the police, Ahmadis covered the minarets with a sheet. Some time ago, the opponents had filed a complaint with the authorities to demolish these minarets. However, the authorities took no action at first, but now watched silently while the miscreants undertook this enormity.

The mosque stands in the town since 1942. In response to the complaint by the opponents, Ahmadis informed the authorities that the mosque was built long before the promulgation of anti-Ahmadiyya Ordinance XX, in fact before the partition of the subcontinent.