Baghbanpura, District Gujranwala; June 2022: An anti-Ahmadiyya activist Faizan Ahmad wrote to the DSP Baghbanpura Police against the local Ahmadiyya mosque and demanded ban on Ahmadis from using ‘Islamic’ epithets etc. and immediate sealing of their place of worship which was built in mosque style. The police sent for the Ahmadiyya delegation and demanded demolition of the minaret and the niche. After hearing the Ahmadiyya position, they expressed intention to refer the matter to the local peace committee. This committee comprises five mullas, so it was most likely that they would create more problems for Ahmadis. So the delegation suggested to the police that they would cover the minarets of the Ahmadiyya mosque in such a way that they could not be seen from the outside.

Ahmadis undertook this absurdity with the police approval, to avoid further harassment by the bigots and the authorities.