Sheikhupura, August 28, 2023:

Almost a thousand activists of notorious TLP gathered outside the DPO’s office and agitated against the Ahmadiyya mosque. They demanded that the minarets of all the Ahmadiyya mosques in the entire district should be demolished. They had invited leading TLP mullas from nearby districts who informed the crowd of their great achievements in Hafizabad, Gujrat, Jhelum, etc. In the meantime officials of security agencies kept on visiting the Ahmadiyya mosque off and on. The crowd dispersed in the evening after giving the ultimatum that if the police do not do the demolition till 11 Rabiul Awwal (late September) they will do it themselves.
Thereafter the security chief came over to the mosque, where the Jamaat elders told him of the Jamaat stand on the issue. They told him that the security of Ahmadis and their worship places is the responsibility of the state, and the authorities till then had done a good job (in Sheikhupura city), that should continue. Ahmadis would extend them co-operation and best wishes. He appeared not very optimist.
On August 30 evening, the district security chief came to the mosque and talked of the possibility of demolition. Ahmadis tried to dissuade him. Later, at about 11 p.m., security personnel came over, switched off the electric supply to the entire neighborhood, as well as to the security cameras, and using a cutter destroyed the minarets of the worship place.
Two days later, on September 1, the police took action in Chak 79, Nawan Kot, damaged the minarets of the Ahmadiyya mosque there and removed the steel pinnacle.