Shahdhrah town, District Lahore; September 9, 2023: The police broke the niche and minarets of the Ahmadiyya worship place here.

A group of clerics, accompanied by policemen, came along and demanded demolition of the niche. The police was referred to the recent decision of the Lahore High Court by Ahmadis and told that the High Court has ruled that any alteration in the building of Ahmadiyya worship places built before 1984 is prohibited. This worship place was built back in 1947.

However, the police insisted that the niche will have to be demolished to control the crowd and maintain public order. After some discussion, it was decided to build a wall around the niche to protect it. When laborers were brought in to build the wall, the clerics created a barrier and insisted on breaking the niche. Thereafter the police closed the street from both sides, and with the help of some laborers, demolished the niche and minarets, which were already covered with a wall. A viral video of the incident clearly shows that the police was supervising the operation.