Shadiwal, District Gujrat; August 29, 2023:
Ahmadiyya mosque of Shadiwal was built in 1983. A TLP activist took a photo of the Kalima (Islamic creed) written in the yard of the mosque and filed an application with the Kunjah police station, and demanded its erasure.
An Ahmadi delegation went to meet the SHO of P.S. Kanjah. He told Ahmadis to either erase the Kalima or make it invisible from outside. The roof of the courtyard of the mosque is made of fiber, it was raised so high that the Kalima and other sacred writings could not be seen from outside. However, the SHO was not satisfied, he insisted on erasure of the Kalima, to which the Ahmadiyya delegation refused compliance and said that they will not allow any civilian to do so.
On August 29, 2023, at around noon, the police and special branch officials came to the mosque and said that the TLP had given an ultimatum for August 30. On this, they were shown that the Kalima and other sacred writings were not visible to anyone from outside. However, they called a labourer working in a nearby building and got the Kalima and other writings blackened.
At this time the SHO P.S. Kunjah, the in-charge police post and a representative of the Special Branch were present there.