Sambriyal, District Sialkot; August 18, 2023:
The police and civil administration at the demand of the Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP) undertook the demolition of the niche of the Ahmadi place of worship on the night of August 18.
Earlier, the TLP filed a demand with the authorities against the niche of the Ahmadiyya mosque. On 14 August, Independence Day, a few mullas called on the AC and threatened that if the authorities failed, they will demolish the niche. Thereafter the AC, DSP and SHO sent for Ahmadis and told them to demolish the niche. Ahmadis refused to comply with this unlawful directive.
Thereafter on the night of August 18, a dozen officials blocked the street from both sides and started breaking the niche. The municipal employees took the debris with them.
This desecration of the Ahmadiyya mosque was undertaken by the authorities three days after the mob rampage in Jaranwala, which brought a bad name to the Pakistani state and society worldwide. The Caretaker PM stated firmly: “No compromise on minorities’ rights. Miscreants will be brought to justice definitely.” This is easier said than done. Amir Rana, a well-known intellectual wrote an op-ed for the daily Dawn, with the title: Intention needs actions. Its theme was summed up in the top line: A moderate image needs societal transformation, which in turn requires humanization.