Jhang, August 22, 2023:
Ahmadi seniors received a phone call from the police station, Jhang Sadr, telling them to come over to the Ahmadiyya worship place in Mohallah Piranwala. The district secretary (public affairs) went there. An official there told him that the TLP deputy Amir, Usman Gujjar had sent in a complaint against the minarets and niches of the Ahmadiyya worship places in Piranwala and on Bhakkar Rd. They demanded the removal of any similarity of these places with Islamic mosques.
While inspecting the worship place and making a video of its interior and exterior he remarked that there was nothing objectionable, and the locals were not demanding their demolition.
The Ahmadi secretary told him that this mosque was built before the Partition, and no extension has been undertaken since then. Also, the locals have no complaints about these. In 1988, a group destroyed the Kalima from the exterior; the damaged wall was not repaired to avoid any mischief.
Thereafter, the official interviewed the next-door non-Ahmadi neighbor who told him that Ahmadis were on good terms with the locals and they all enjoyed good mutual relations.
Then these people went over to the Ahmadiyya mosque, Bhakkar Rd. The official took pictures of the mosque and talked to the locals who expressed mutual harmony with Ahmadis.
The officials said that he will make his report to the DPO in the inter-departmental meeting.