Jatoi, District Muzaffargarh; August 15, 2023:

Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad, Ahmadi, died on 15 August 2023. He joined the Ahmadiyya Community about 30 years ago, while the rest of his family is non-Ahmadi. Arrangements were made in the village for his burial. When they were taking the dead body for burial, it was found that some bigots were trying to obstruct the burial. Those people had said that if Ahmadis tried to bury this infidel here, there will be bloodshed.
On this occasion, a local politician also supported them. Given the situation, alternative arrangements were made for burial in a distant Ahmadiyya graveyard at Bet Daryai.
After the funeral prayer and burial, the opponents shared a video on social media and declared their victory, and shouted anti-Ahmadiyya slogans.