Kasur; August 2023:

On August 11, opponents did anti-Ahmadiyya graffiti inscriptions at 7 locations in Model Bazar here in front of the Ahmadiyya mosque. They wrote: Ahmadis were out of the pale of Islam; they cannot call themselves Muslim; they cannot adopt Islamic practices; etc. (translation).
Ahmadis informed the district police chief. The same night, authorities had the graffiti effaced.
Having done that they asked Ahmadis to leave the mosque, and they left. However, a week later, on August 18, security officials came over and knocked at the mosque door when the Friday prayer was in progress. They stated that they had orders to close the mosque immediately and the worshippers should leave.
One of these officials conveyed that Ahmadis should talk to the SHO if needed. Ahmadis have experienced the latter to be harsh with them. He pressurizes Ahmadis to have his way, and has twice threatened to close down the mosque.
Ahmadis of Kasur are greatly upset and disturbed.