Bhera, District Sargodha, Punjab; August 12, 2023:
It was reported earlier that the Ahmadis here were undertaking essential repairs in the residence of the local missionary, semi-detached with the Ahmadiyya mosque. Mullas protested and demanded that the construction work be stopped and the minarets be demolished.
The next day, on July 24, the AC Bhera and DPO sent for Ahmadis. Mullas and media personnel were also present there. The administration appeared helpless in their presence, and Ahmadis were made to sign an agreement.
On August 12, 2023, the AC, DSP, SHO, and CEO visited the Ahmadiyya mosque and ordered the committee workers to remove the inscriptions of “Al Hukmulillah” and “La Ghaliba Illaallah”. They demolished these inscriptions in the presence of the police. It is noteworthy that they had earlier removed Kalima from the same mosque.