Talwandi Musa Khan, District Gujranwala; September 9, 2021: The police visited Ahmadiyya mosque here on a report by opponents against the prayer written at the entrance, and took along Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad, an Ahmadi, to the police station. A video of the prayer recorded by the opponents was shown to him there and he was told to remove it as also the holy inscriptions on Ahmadis’ tombstones. Mr. Ahmad asked for some time for consultation.

            Mr. Ahmad reported the incident to the senior community officials, who informed the police that the Ahmadis will not remove the prayer nor will allow any civilian to do so. If the police remove it, the Ahmadis won’t resist.

            Later in the evening, at almost 9:30 p.m. two police vans arrived at the location and removed the prayer from the main door. Then they went to the graveyard, where they demolished 40 gravestones of Ahmadiyya graves and took the debris with them. Unbelievable, but true.