Burial denied to Ahmadi deceased by TLP—in police presence

Sahwala, District Sheikhupura; 29 January, 2024:  An Ahmadi, Mr. Fazal Karim, passed away here on January 28. Arrangements were made for his burial on January 29, 2024 in a joint cemetery in the village, where a section has been allotted to Ahmadis. There are already two Ahmadiyya graves in the allotted land. Currently, only one Ahmadi family resides in the village. Majority of locals are supportive and show no opposition; however, there are a few malicious opponents. Non-Ahmadis made arrangements the burial. In the absence of the local mulla, a non-Ahmadi announced the death of the Ahmadi deceased from the local mosque. When the cleric came back, he was angry over this, and even assaulted the person who had made the announcement on the loud speaker. He even informed other mullas in the neighboring villages. Upon this, the opponents carrying sticks, axes, and even firearms, gathered at the graveyard. A senior TLP mulla from Salar Syedan made a speech and incited the public.

A police contingent arrived at the site. Instead of dispersing the crowd, the police told Ahmadis that even if they got more police personnel to provide security for the burial, the enraged opponents could create a disturbance afterwards and desecrate the grave thereafter. After this absurd excuse and the surrender of the police, Ahmadis had to bury the deceased elsewhere—far away.

The agitated mob then turned to the dug-up grave and filled it again with soil; they abused and even assaulted the non-Ahmadis who facilitated the intended burial. They also destroyed the concrete slabs and dumped them along with the digging tools in the grave. The Mulla and the miscreants seemed to enjoy their freedom to make mindless mischief. On the social media, sensible people could express only in their dismay and sorrow over the decline of social norms brought about by the TLP’s activists and spineless administration and politicos.