Ghoghyat, District Sargodha; June 2021: Opponents of the Ahmadiyya community had tried to destroy the minarets and niche of 115-year old Ahmadiyya mosque in 2018. They have not given up and made a major move recently to achieve their malicious objectives. 

They filed a fresh application in Police Station Miani District Sargodha and demanded action against Ahmadis for adopting Islamic inscriptions and practices in their worship places, graveyards and homes.  

Ahmadis were then told to appear in the SHO’s office on June 26, 2021 to state their stance. After that, the local Ahmadiyya leadership met the DPO.

The SHO of P.S. Miani forwarded the application of the opponents to the DPO. In the meantime, the mullas organized a sit-in and blocked the main Sargodha-Gujrat Road. They delivered hateful speeches against the Ahmadiyya community and raised anti-Ahmadiyya slogans in presence of police party. Participants of the sit-in and the SP Headquarters Sargodha had a dialogue, which resulted in the end of the sit-in.  It was decided that the SP would visit Miani on 30th June to meet the leader of the sit-in to respond to their reservations. The Ahmadiyya delegation was first told to come to Bhalwal in this regard, then they were called to Miani Police Station along with their district leadership.

Ahmadiyya delegation went to the police station and appeared before the SP Special Branch Sargodha. The SP then visited the Ahmadiyya graveyard and mosque in Ghoghyat and took some pictures as well. After which they had a meeting

During the meeting, the SP directed the Ahmadiyya delegation to efface the sacred and holy inscriptions from their gravestones. Ahmadis replied, “We will not do it ourselves nor allow any civilian or mulla to do it”. At this, the SP said that the police would do it themselves and will remove the sacred verses from an Ahmadi’s house.