Peeru Chak, District Sialkot; January-March 2022:    Anti-Ahmadiyya wall chalking was done here at various places and a couplet was written in front of the Ahmadiyya mosque: “Tell me what you want? Head of a blasphemer!” Ahmadis informed the police; the SHO PS Motra came and removed it. Thereafter the situation worsened for Ahmadis. Wall chalking was done again in the village, and the authorities effaced it.

Bilal Butt, an Anti-Ahmadi activist of Tahaffuze Khatme Nabuwwat,  filed a complaint with PS Motra against Ahmadis, Messrs. Yaqub Ahmad Dogar (local Ahmadiyya president), Maqsood Ahmad Dogar, Abdul Khaliq, Jameel Ahmad, Malik Abdul Salam, Muhammad Yaqub and Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din for allegedly violating anti-Ahmadiyya sections PPCs 298-B, 298-C.

On March 24, the locals went to the neighboring village and announced there to go to Peeru Chak to help Islam by prosecuting Qadianis. These opponents went to see DSP Daska with accusation that Qadianis had used Islamic rites. On March 28, the SHO police came to the graveyard and desecrated Ahmadis’ tombstones along with locals. Ahmadis asked him to show the formal orders. At this, the police quit and left.  They had desecrated two Ahmadis’ tombstones.