Trigri, District Gujranwala; December 2022:   There was a common cemetery here in which Ahmadis and other Muslims used to bury their dead. In 1967, after the acquisition of land, a cemetery, about one kilometer from the village, was allocated for the rest of the Muslims, and the villagers, by mutual consent and unanimous decision, gave the old cemetery to the Ahmadiyya Community. Under this agreement, the old cemetery remained in use of the Ahmadiyya Community. Now over 230 Ahmadi dead are buried here, while about 50 graves of other Muslims are there. In July 2020, on demand of the opponents, the police destroyed the tombstones of 67 Ahmadis. Later in December 2020, the AC sealed the said graveyard and sent up a proposal to allot another place for Ahmadis.

On December 7, 2022, during the meeting with ADCG (Additional Deputy Commissioner General), this matter was discussed and he was told that the Trigri graveyard had been de-sealed for Muslims; it should be de-sealed for Ahmadis too or else the land that was proposed to be allotted to Ahmadis should be allotted. In this regard, he had earlier marked Ahmadiyya request to the AC. On this, he said that he will decide after receipt of report expected from the AC.