Ratooch, District Chakwal; November 13, 2022:   A Jalsa was held in the Ahle Sunnat mosque here, where a mulla from Gujar Khan Rawalpindi spoke. He lashed out against the Ahmadiyya Community and forbade the participants to have any relations or transactions with Ahmadis. After the program, an organizer told a relative of an Ahmadi that they would also throw out the Ahmadi dead from the common cemetery.

Rizwan Ahmad, a former Ahmadi, filed an application in the police station that some people were spreading agitation in the village and saying that they would throw out the dead of Ahmadis from the common graveyard. When the police summoned the parties, the village Maulvi announced a procession against Ahmadis. The police were informed, who came to the village before the Friday prayers and met the said mulla. The mulla mentioned in his Friday sermon that someone had filed an application against them, so everyone who believes in the End of Prophethood should reach the police station the next evening. At this, Rizwan Ahmad said that he had applied to the police. “The mulla is spreading evil in the village and we just listen silently. If anyone has the courage, take out a dead Ahmadi”, he challenged. The influential people of the village present there also supported Rizwan.

Later, in the police station the opposite party apologized to Rizwan and gave in writing that there will be no such mistake in future. The SHO warned these people and let them go.