Ghughyat Tehsil Bhera, District Sargodha; May 11, 2022: ThePunjabPolice again committed the same enormity as they were used to during the Usman Buzdar rule. They destroyed 30 Ahmadiyya grave stones — this time in District Sargodha.

The situation of Ahmadis has been deteriorating here for the last four years. The mulla staged a sit-in on May 9, 2022, in Miani Chowk. The administration lifted the sit-in by promising them compliance with their demands within three days.

In this regard, the office of the Deputy Commissioner sent for the Ahmadi seniors on May 10. District Police Officer, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, DO Special Branch, a major of Military Intelligence, CTD, District Officer of IB, and ISI officers attended the meeting. They started by saying that the District Intelligence Committee has decided that they have to maintain peace at all cost. Detention orders and 4th Schedule nominations have also been decided. The DPO pressurized the Ahmadiyya delegation to remove the Kalima from the gravestones themselves. The Ahmadiyya delegation conveyed their stance that they will not remove it themselves but if the administration does this, they will not resist. They also told the Ahmadiyya delegation to sign the note of proceedings. The next day, the administration destroyed the tombstones of 30 Ahmadis’ graves, with the help of a cutter. They cut off the part with Arabic inscriptions and took the debris with them. The operation was undertaken at 3 p.m. when most people were inside homes due to extreme heat.

The authorities in this huge province should know that you do not maintain peace by insulting and persecuting further the already marginalized sections of the society. You are expected to maintain peace by use of all lawful means at your disposal against aggressive bigots and sectarian thugs.