Bhati Gate, Lahore; September 9, 2021:   Dr. Pervez Zarif is a government employee; he also runs a private clinic at home. On September 9, while departing for work, he found two letters outside his house. The letters were 8-10 pages long, and contained threats. The letter senders claimed to be Qatari Taliban. They threatened to kill Dr. Pervez and his family for being Ahmadi and wrote that they could blow up his house with a bomb or kill him; also the staff of his clinic were not safe. Moreover, “If you want to stay alive, you should hand over ten tola gold and procure ten gold biscuits from Sharif Jewelers, Rang Mahal. Go there on Friday, we will contact you and receive these in our own way. Thereafter vacate your house and leave the area”, they directed.

Dr. Pervaiz informed the police, closed his clinic and shifted elsewhere temporarily.