Bazid Khel, District Peshawar; March 5, 2022: Two assailants entered the clinic here of an Ahmadi, Dr. Mansoor Ahmad. Both the attackers disguised themselves as patients; one of them covered himself with a veil (burqa). He then opened fire. Dr. Muhammad Shahid Ahmad, a non-Ahmadi, who was sitting in place of Dr. Mansoor Ahmad, was shot dead on the spot. Another employee Mr. Jawad Ahmad was shot in the leg. 

The killer also fired at other people in the clinic, but luckily they remained unhurt. The assailants then managed to escape. 

Dr. Muhammad Shahid Ahmad was 35 years old. He left behind three mourning children and a wife. Dr. Shahid was the son of Dr. Mansoor Ahmad’s cousin. He was a very good person.

Last year, on February 11, 2021, Dr. Abdul Qadir, Ahmadi, was shot dead in a nearby medical center. 

Five Ahmadis have been target-killed in Peshawar in a wave of hate campaign during the last two years.