Kotli, AJK; November 3, 2023: An anti-Ahmadiyya meeting was held in Milad Chowk, Old Bazaar, Kotli under the management of Tehrik-e-Labaik and Khatm-e-Nabuwwat. Provocative speeches were made against Ahmadis. The speakers said that the filthy, impure infidels and the pure believers cannot be equal because they (Qadianis) have the filth of disbelief, and Allah has given us the sweetness of religion. They do all the work based on money, and they have similarly bought our administration. The law of our country says that Mirzais cannot build minarets like our mosques (sic), but our administration does not believe that, because there is a hidden hand behind them.

This meeting took place near the house of Mr. Mubarak Ahmed and Mr. Kashif, Ahmadis against whom a case is going on. Before this, there had never been such a gathering here.