Topi, District Swabi; October 2021:   Anti-Ahmadi elements are very active here. On October 26, they announced a Khatme Nabuwwat conference in front of the residence of Mr. Umer Ahmad, an Ahmadi. Prior to the conference, the activists came to Mr. Ahmad and asked him to become a Muslim, upon which he recited the Kalima and they went away, but later he started getting text messages on his mobile phone e.g. “What do you believe about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad?”

Due to the conference, it was feared that the opponents could become violent at this occasion, so the police were informed. Three Ahmadi families decided to temporarily move elsewhere to avoid exposure. The rest of Ahmadis also took safety precautions.

The conference was held on October 26. The departed families intend to go back to their homes on permission of the authorities.

It seems that human rights and various civic freedoms or the lack thereof, are now the domain of the mulla, and not of the government.