Rabwah; 27 and 28 October, 2022:  Rabwah is the central Ahmadiyya town in Pakistan. In a way, it is central to the worldwide Ahmadiyya Community. Its population is approximately 95% Ahmadi. Despite this, the authorities allow mullas of the Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat (MTKN) to hold a two-day conference here in Muslim Colony, transport thousands of participants from other towns, invite speakers from all over Pakistan to go rabid in their hostility to Ahmadis, and seriously threaten the peace of this town. Most of what the mullas say is unlawful and violation of the penal codes PPCs 153-A, 295-C, 298, 298-A etc. We provide below extracts, very briefly, of what was said by some of the speakers; the full statements in audio/video must be available with the authorities. It is surprising, indeed bizarre, that the authorities allow such conferences in Rabwah under known circumstances.

First Session: It started at 10:15 on October 27. Maulvi Aziz ur Rahman Sani of Lahore presided it. The audience numbered approximately 4500. Maulvi Khalil ur Rahman of Kundian inaugurated it with a prayer.

            Mulla Kalimulla of Sargodha said that the process to crush Qadianis (Sarkobi) will continue.

Mullah Muhammad Aqib of Bannu said: We’ll never submit to the slavery of the US and the UK. … We’ll pursue Qadianis all over the world.

Mulla Abdullah of Karachi said that the Mirza was an anti-Christ (Dajjal). He was Dajjal, and son of a swine. He even denied God…. All products of Qadianis should be boycotted.

Mulla Inayatullah of Quetta stated that the Mirza eventually claimed to be God (Rabb).

Mufti Umar Din of Hangu (in FATA) said that Qadianis are a hypocrite and fraudulent group. Deobandis are of three types but they are all united in efforts to crush Qadianis, and they will pursue Qadianis till their end.

Mulla Abdul Razzaq of Kark said that Muslims pursue Qadianis because they make false claim to Prophethood. Qadianis are the filthy (Ghaleez) and the worst Kafirs…. (Qadianis) Have you seen the portrait of your Mirza? He was the worst Kafir of the modern times.

            Mulla Ibrahim of Lakki Marwat advised that wherever Qadianis raise their head, crush it. He asserted that Qadianis are traitors to Pakistan; they are enemies of Islam and the country.

Mulla Suleiman of Jhang expressed his opinion that Qadiani mischief was slowly heading towards its termination.

Mulla Zafrulla of Larkana claimed that people in Larkana have boycotted all the Qadiani products. “The day is not far when not a single Qadiani would be found there,” he said.

Second Session: It started at 13:50. Maulvi Aziz Ahmad of Kundian presided over it. The attendance was approximately 10,000.

Mulla Jamil Akhtar of Lahore said that if the authorities permit they would throw Ahmadis out of Pakistan within one month. …Ahmadis are enemies of Pakistan.

Mulla Amjad Khan (JUI-F) expressed the view that Qadianis intend to break up Pakistan.

Mulla Abdul Qayyum Haqqani told the audience that Qadianis are not allowed to build their place of worship…. They should accept the Pak constitution or leave for Qadian, he said.

Maulvi Fazl ur Rahman (JUI-F) arrived at 15:30 and addressed the crowd. He told the audience, inter alia, that the Righteous Khalifas (Rashideen) fought wars for safeguarding the End of Prophethood, and they would continue to do the same. “The West supports Qadianis, we should pursue them,” he said.

Third Session:  It started at about 18:00 and lasted till well past-midnight. Maulvi Nasir ud Din Khakwani presided it.

Mulla Ayub Saqib of Daska said that Qadiani leader had fled from Pakistan; the remaining shameless Qadianis would also soon flee from here.

Mulla Atif of Sargodha said that Mirza Qadiani was a drunkard and adulterer. He lived on his father’s pension. He was fond of women. How can a petty clerk in a government office be a Prophet?

Mulla Saifulla Naqshbandi said that Jews and Qadiani are ever busy in conspiracy to render Muslims’ heart devoid of the Prophet’s love.

Mulla Atiq ur Rahman Hazarvi asserted that Qadianis are no longer in a position to walk around keeping their head high….

Mulla Zahid ur Rashidi claimed that in 1953 when it was demanded that Ch. Zafrulla Khan be fired, the Prime Minister replied that in that case the US would stop supply of wheat to Pakistan. (So) It was Ch. Zafrulla Khan who led us into the slavery of America…. Qadiani Jamaat is responsible for the division of Pakistan (Bangladesh).

Mulla Ziaulla Bokhari said that Maulana Fazl ur Rahman was their representative in the Parliament. “We are duty bound to support and follow him”, he insisted.

Mulla Mudassar Mahmud of Taunsa Sharif said, “As long as we are alive, we will continue to protect the 1974 law that declared Qadianis to be non-Muslim.”

Mulla Zahid Mahmud Qasmi of Toba Tek Singh said that even the US and the EU are scared of the Khatme Nabuwwat. “A few days ago there was an Aasma Jehangir Conference in Lahore. This woman was a Qadiani and was opposed to the belief in End of Prophethood,” he said.

Mulla Matin Khalid said that (only) three thousand men attended the funeral of Mirza Qadiani. (Ms) Nusrat, the wife of Mirza Qadiani did not take the oath of allegiance (Baiat) to him.

Mulla Javed Qasuri (of Jamaat Islami) expressed the opinion that the Qadiani fitna (mischief) will soon come to an end…. It is the duty of every Muslim to crush Qadianis.

Maulvi Siraj ul Haq, Amir Jamaat Islami, also came and spoke in the conference. He stated that Pakistan will face numerous problems (fitna) in the absence of rule by Jamaat Islami. If Qadianis want to stay in Pakistan, they should first accept their minority status — otherwise, run away from Pakistan…. Co-education is adding to our problems. This has facilitated the passage of bill on sodomy (Ham jins parasti). The agenda of the ruling parties is the agenda of the West – they are responsible in passage of the sodomy law. …The present PM is licking the shoes of many states, in search of aid. This government does not have the strength to get Aafia Siddiqui released from the US prison…. Shehbaz Sharif and Zardari sought our support (in forming the government) but we refused.

Mulla Noor Muhammad of Sargodha told the audience that it was part of the faith to boycott Qadianis. “It is better to die than be treated in Qadiani hospitals by Qadiani doctors,” he said.

Fourth Session:          It started at 10:30 on October 28. Maulvi Aziz ur Rahman Sani presided it. Participants numbered approximately 7500.

            Mulla Abdus Sattar Gormani said that the West promotes Qadianism so as to propagate through them the explanations that are acceptable to imperialist powers.

Mulla Abdul Qayyum of Nowshera said, “Qadianis ridicule the constitution through Islamic references (Shaair) in their periodicals and journals; this hurts religious sentiments of Muslims.” (Note:  The mulla does not know or is a deceiver; Ahmadiyya periodicals have remained banned for years.)

Fifth Session:  Maulvi Aziz ur Rahman of Kundian presided over it. Attendance improved to 12,000. The session started at 13:15 and ended at 16:15.

Mulla Abaid ur Rahman Anwar of Sahiwal indulged in hostile criticism and said that Chenab Nagar is populated 70 to 80 percent by Qadianis. We come here from far off to display our sentiments (ghairat) for faith. We must come here for the honor of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Mirza, the fake claimant to prophethood, never confronted the Muslims, he said.

Mulla Alimuddin Shakir of Sahiwal said that those who blaspheme the Companions, in fact attack the belief in End of Prophethood, “We’ll boldly fight the blasphemers at all levels,” he said in attempt to kill two birds with one stone.

Following is also relevant to this conference:

  1. The organizers of this conference were mostly from JUI-F.
  2. Jamaat Ahmadiyya had approached the authorities well before the due date to not allow this hateful sectarian conference – but to no avail.
  3. The local Ahmadi population had to remain alert and take adequate defensive measure to ensure safety during the two days. Women, children and elderly were advised to stay at home.
  4. As in preceding years, we suggest again that the authorities and researches inquire into the sources of funding this sizeable congregation of 12,000 men, mostly outsiders, assembled for two days in an intensively sectarian and extremist major activity. It is such extremist propaganda that trains people to jump on to the wagon of terrorism, as and when desired by the sponsors.