Faisalabad; October 2023: Posters of the Khatme Nabuwwat Conference, to be held on October 26 and 27 far away in Rabwah, were pasted at the houses of Mr. Tariq Ahmad Sahi (local Ahmadiyya Amir), Mr. Zaheer Sikander and another Ahmadi office bearer by two unidentified motorcyclists. These posters were thrown in a few Ahmadi homes as well. At the same time, posters were pasted on the house and clinic of Dr. Syed Kaleem Ahmad Shah. All these are located in Madina Town.

The Regional Police Officer Faisalabad issued detailed instructions to the DPOs of the three districts in the Division to make effective arrangements for the security of Ahmadiyya places of worship and the members of the community. Accordingly, Ahmadis in 69 RB Ghaseetpura and 57 Ghiala were contacted by the police and provided visible support.