Ahmadi official transferred on threat of a TLP mulla

Mandi Bahauddin, Punjab, September 2023:  Mr. Fateh Ahmad, Ahmadi was posted by his department to Mandi Bahauddin as Superintendent Police.

     At this posting, Mulla Naeem Chatha Qadri, Amir Tehrik Labbaik District Mandi Bahauddin issued the following statement (translation):

            “A Qadiani has been posted as an SP in our district. I give this message to the (Security) Agencies here that if they need him, they should take him elsewhere. He cannot be here while we are here. Either we’ll stay here, or he. Our Baba Ji (Khadim Hussain Rizvi) told us that our necks are (dedicated) to the Holy Prophet (PBUH). A Ghazi shall appear. It takes no time for a Ghazi to appear. Then you’ll wonder what has happened! First, they killed a Governor, now they have killed an SP.  If you want to save him, take him away, he cannot stay in our district.”

            Before this, the same mulla issued these types of threats against Ahmadis including the one, “Shout the slogan so loud that Ahmadi women shed their pregnancies (Hamal).”

            The concerned office responded in fear and transferred Mr. Fateh Ahmad back to Lahore in the Patrolling Police section.