District Vehari; July 2023:
The police came to the Ahmadiyya mosque in Chak Number 543 EB, and told Ahmadis that the public has objections to the minarets of their mosque. They told Ahmadis to demolish there. Ahmadis asked the police to show them an official order, which they failed to produce. Ahmadis made it clear to them that they would not undertake such an act themselves.
As per the latest update, the community elders finally told the police that they will not destroy the minarets and niche of their mosque. So, on July 24, the DSP and SHO came over to the village. Ahmadis asked non-Ahmadi elders to come over too. When the police repeated their demand, these elders opposed the demand and supported the Ahmadis, and told the police that they were disturbing the peace of the village. The police, however, were not dissuaded. So, Ahmadis told them that they would further consult the concerned people. The issue remains open.
Similarly, the police, on the demand of extremists, pressurized Ahmadis to remove the minarets of their mosque in Chak Number 373 EB, in the same district. they made Ahmadis comply with their demand by covering up the minarets with some sort of structure around them. The mulla and the state asked for it.