Social media:  Ahmadi-bashers should not be called empty-headed and dumb, as they continue to come up with innovations and fabrications to worsen Ahmadi. They apparently succeed as well – to some extent. They initially came up with 22 anti-Ahmadi demands decades ago. They achieved all these with passage of time. One thought that would satisfy them and they will be quiet. But no, they came up with more, and almost every year they added new demands and items to that list.

            Sometimes back, they put up No Entry for Qadianis signs in shops and markets in Lahore. This was most inappropriate for businessmen and shopkeepers, but the mulla succeeded in having this hate-promoting restriction applied in many locations in the provincial capital. What next?

            We now find a sticker posted on public transport. This was learnt from a tweet @Khalid_Malik11. Its translation in English would be:


It is strictly forbidden for a Mirzai to board this vehicle, who follow Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the liar, claimant to fake and fabricated prophethood.

Mirzais who call themselves Qadiani/Ahmadi/Lahori should first enter Islam before entering this vehicle.

            We admit that, as yet, we have not been able to precisely know the town, the vehicles and the source of this outrage.