Quetta; August 2021:   Miss Maheen Sharif is a student of BBA at the BUITEMS University. No one knows about her Ahmadiyya faith there. A cousin of her, who is a varsity fellow, Hafiz Ibrahim spread the word about her Ahmadiyya belief in the university. Mr. Ibrahim has close links with Jamaat e Islami and different Khatme Nabuwwat organizations.

            After that, when Miss Sharif went to the university, her fellow students stopped her on the way and asked her about her faith, mentioning Mr. Ibrahim’s claims. She was asked to recite the Kalima, which she did. Then they noted down her CNIC number and spared her to go for the viva of Islamiat.    

            The situation has become normal after the incident, but Miss Sharif is under constant fear of being targeted again for her faith.