Korangi, Karachi; October 2021: Mr. Rahat Ahmad Karamat’s son Masroor Ahmad Karamat and daughter Sadia Karamat cleared the admission test for the Creek View Academy.

Mr. Karamat took his children to school on September 16 to join and start regular schooling. Mr. Karamat wrote Ahmadi in the column of religion in the admission form, to which the principal expressed some surprise and then said, “It doesn’t matter; we have Christians and Hindus too studying here, but we cannot teach Islamiyat to your children.” After the admission process, the children went to their respective classes and Mr. Karamat went to talk to the van drivers for the pick and drop facility.

When he came back to the principal’s office, the atmosphere had changed. The principal told Mr. Karamat that she had talked to the administrator regarding the admission of his children and they will inform him in a day or two about the refund of his money. At this, Mr. Karamat asked her the reason, as the forms had been filled and the admission done. The principal said his being Ahmadi was the reason. “Aren’t Ahmadis Pakistani citizens? Can’t they get their children educated?,” asked Mr. Karamat. “My job is at stake”, she replied.

The same afternoon, the principal called and informed Mr. Karamat that the admissions of his children have been canceled and he could submit all his receipts to claim the refund. When Mr. Karamat went there, the principal refused to talk to him, and referred him to the accounts office. Mr. Karamat asked the administration to return the admission forms as these had his personal information, but they refused and sent him away after refunding his money.