Green Town Lahore; September 2021: Mr. Abdul Aziz accepted Ahmadiyyat in 2003. After that, he has faced great persecution and threats from his relatives. His parents left his home and his brothers became his enemies. Aziz went to attend the Annual Ahmadiyya Convention in Qadian in 2004. On his return, he came to know that his relatives had visited his home and told his wife to not allow Aziz to enter the house.   

One day, his brother brought some local mullas to his home to indulge in religious controversy. Another day his uncle invited him. When he reached there, a cleric was already present there, who then used foul language against the community’s founder. Mr. Aziz could not stay there further and had to leave. The mulla then advised his uncle and brothers to kill him.

A few of his relatives tried to murder him. Once, they unleashed their dog at him. Mr. Aziz’s daughter could not attend school for two years due to religious hostility. He had to relocate. He had a cattle farm in his town from where residents of the area used to buy milk. His neighbors announced that Mr. Aziz is a ‘Mirzaee’ (a derogatory term for Ahmadis), ‘Kafir’ (infidel); nobody should buy milk from him. Thereafter, his persecutors torched the thatched roof of his farm. He had to shift his cattle elsewhere.

His opponents started to harass him there too. They put up banners to incite hatred against him and urged people to boycott him.

He is being harassed on daily basis. His home is kept under surveillance. A friend has informed him that his in-laws and brothers have promised Rs. ten million bounty on his head.